Gymnastics Team

All Stars Gymnastics Team Program is an amazing way for kids ages 5 and up to enjoy the excitement of team sports, but in a more positively filled environment. These girls will learn either USAG Levels 2-5 Compulsory routines and Optional Levels 6 and above, or USAG XCEL Levels Bronze – Diamond. They will attend meets against other teams. Training regimens are expected at each level and the gymnasts are chosen by invite only. To make this team more fun and exciting, there will be team building events and get-togethers.

Competitive Cheer Squad

All Stars Competitive Cheer Squad is designed to tap into that “competitive” market that cheer is today, but in a much more exciting and positive environment. Our competitive squad will work very hard to learn a routine that will be taken to competitions throughout the season. They will be required to attend all practices and competitions as this is a TEAM sport. Conditioning is a huge part of practices to ensure the girls gain the strength and stamina needed to sustain a routine in a safe manner. The girls will also have fun team building events. ASU’s Competitive Cheer is a great squad for anyone ages 5 through high school

Show Cheer Squad

All Stars Show Cheer Squad is made just for those smiling kids ages 4-10 that just want to cheer and not be pressured to do things beyond their years and abilities. We will put together a competitive style routine which contains all of the cheerleading basics. They will take this routine to competitions and “ perform” it. Most competition companies award show teams with trophies or medals for participation. Many of these girls will eventually transition to our competitive squad, but for now let them enjoy and have fun in the world of cheer!! They deserve it!

Special Needs Cheer

Our special needs cheer team gives opportunity to those who have physical or mental handicaps the opportunity to participate in cheerleading in a fun environment. This program is open to all ages who are potty trained and well behaved ASU special needs cheer team practices weekly on Sundays at 5 p.m. the girls learn the fundamentals of cheerleading as well as learn and practice the routine that they perform at local cheer competitions throughout the year.


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