A look into competitive cheerleading

Competitive cheerleading means cheer teams compete against one another at a competition. At a cheerleading competition, each team performs shortly along with music that includes stunting, dancing, tumbling, and cheering.  Competing as a cheerleader is really challenging but provides lifelong skills.

Superb physical feature

Cheerleading is not only a lot of enjoyment but also a plenty of hard work. Cheerleaders have to be in excellent cardiovascular shape because they have to give a lot of effort to various activities. A cheerleader must have excellent upper body strength to perform stunts as well as remain stiff.


Have a great attitude

Cheerleaders have to be enough confident to perform a stunt, and feel like that they are able to do it and won’t be failed. Competitive cheerleading requires regular even off-season practice so determination and commitment are important.


Excellent sportsmanship

Competitive cheerleaders work as a team. Team playing is very important in cheerleading, that’s why coaches look for cheerleader who is good as a team player. All best cheerleading teams are great at stunting, dancing, tumbling, and cheering.


Cheerleading practices the elements of gymnastics, components of tumbling, moves of various dancing, and the stunting that has made cheerleading a unique sport.


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