Our Classes

We provide a quality program in a fun-filled, healthy and educational environment. We build and improve upon each All Star's self-esteem and individuality while making gymnastics and cheerleading a recreational sport where every child feels special and unique.

In addition to the classes below, we also have Gymnastics Teams, Competitive Cheer, Show Cheer, and Special Needs Cheer.

Cheer and Tumble

This class is designed for those children interested in cheerleading but need to get those tumbling skills up to par. They will work on a large variety of tumbling skills to make sure they are ready for any cheer squad as well as working on cheerleading skills like motions, dance, jumps, stunts, etc. This class is sure to be a lot of fun and will be able to accommodate ages 5 to 10. Your tumbler and future cheerleader won't want to miss out on this class!

Little Dippers

Play with purpose! Have fun with your child as you explore the wonderful world of gymnastics together. In each class you will share in the experience of age appropriate songs, gymnastics stations, and games. Watch your child's motor skills develop and their self-confidence emerge as they become familiar with all the fun that gymnastics has to offer. This class is highly recommended as a great transition into the Big Dippers Class. Ages 2-3

Big Dippers

Success builds confidence in this upbeat beginner class that uses a variety of preschool equipment to build strength, confidence, and body awareness. Whether we are 'swimming in the ocean,' or swinging on the bars like 'monkeys' our fun and creative themes tie together the energy and imagination of the preschooler while allowing them to learn skills on the bars, beam, vault, and floor. Ages 3-6

Shooting Stars

This fun filled intermediate class will excite your All Star through fun themes and teamwork that will allow them to achieve success on the bars, beam, floor, and vault. They will also learn and master such skills as forward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands. Your child's confidence will soar as they partake in all the fun that All Stars Gymnastics has to offer. Ages 4-8

Super Stars

This action packed advanced class is for the more advanced All Star who is interested in mastering cartwheels, round offs, handstands, backwalkovers, and back handsprings. They will also learn and master many skills on the bars, beam, and vault. Through hard work and fun, they will learn so many things and come home excited about this advanced class. *Requirement: Must be able to do a cartwheel, handstand, and push up into a bridge. Ages 6+

Totally Tumbling

This class is perfect for the beginning to intermediate All Star who is interested in learning or master such floor skills as dive rolls, cartwheels, handstands, round offs, and backbends. They will learn so much and be able to use these tumbling skills in any other gymnastics or cheerleading class. Age and skill appropriate groups will be formed. Ages 5-8


This exciting and fast paced class is designed for the older All Star who wants to achieve success on a variety of tumbling and gymnastics skills. We will work on handstands, round offs, front/back walkovers, back handsprings, and other aerial tumbling as well as appropriate skills on the other gymnastics events. Conditioning and stretching will be part of this class to promote strength and flexibility. *Requirement: Must be able to push up into a bridge and do a handstand. Ages 8+

Boys Gymnastics

This class is designed specifically for boys who are interested in learning gymnastics in a more traditional boy's setting. This class will encompass a variety of skills and levels. They will learn skills on the vault, floor, and parallel bars, as well as learning strength moves to help them excel in their gymnastics. These boys will have a great time learning all about gymnastics or furthering their skills and abilities. Ages 5+