What is Competitive Cheerleading?

Competitive cheerleading is a competitive sport, where cheer teams compete against each other in a competition. In a regular cheerleading competition, each cheer team performs for a two and half minutes along with music that includes stunting, jumping, and tumbling. A...

An Overview of Gymnastics at the RIO Olympics 2016

Gymnastics, this traditional sport has been in the Olympics since Athens 1896. The aim of the sports is mingling strength, stability, flexibility and elegance. Gymnasts drive themselves to their physical restrictions using a range of apparatus. Competition is held in...

A look into competitive cheerleading

Competitive cheerleading means cheer teams compete against one another at a competition. At a cheerleading competition, each team performs shortly along with music that includes stunting, dancing, tumbling, and cheering.  Competing as a cheerleader is really...

What are the benefits of gymnastics and cheerleading for children?

Children love to stay active, though children in these days spend more time to play video-game, in front of the computer or watching TV and less time in physical activities. As a result, the percentage of obese children is growing at a shocking rate. An overweight...

Special Needs Cheer coming to ASU

Special Needs Cheer coming to ASU!!! Information meeting on Sunday, May 15th at 3:00pm. Call 512-310-5822 or email for information! ASU special needs registration...


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