Cheer & Gymnastic Classes in Round Rock, TX

All Stars offers gymnastics, cheerleading, and tumbling for boys and girls of all ages. Our Classes run year round so you can enroll at any time. For more information on joining our gymnastics team or our competitive cheer squad please email or talk to coach Nicole.
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Competitive and Show Teams!

All Stars Competitive Cheer Squad is designed to tap into that “competitive” market that cheer is today, but in a much more exciting and positive environment. Our competitive squad will work very hard to learn a routine that will be taken to competitions throughout the season.
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ASU offers Competitive and Show cheer squads. Competitive cheer is designed to tap into that “competitive” market that cheer is today, but in a much more exciting and positive environment. While Show Cheer Squad is made just for those smiling kids ages 4-10 that just want to cheer and not be pressured to do things beyond their years and abilities.


All Stars Gymnastics Team Program is an amazing way for kids ages 6 and up to enjoy the excitement of team sports, but in a much less pressure filled environment. These girls will learn USAG Levels 2-5 Compulsory routines as well as partake in the Optional Levels 6 and above once at that level.


This class is a tumbling class designed to work all tumbling skills from handstands and forward rolls to round offs and back walkovers. They will also work on general flexibility and strength. These tumbling skills will transfer into anything they choose to do in life.
My daughter attended another well known gym for quite a while and made very little progress. Within a very short time of joining All Stars Unlimited, she quickly progressed enough to be invited to join the team and is doing amazing! ALL of the coaches are wonderful! They seem to really love their job and the kids and the kids love them. I highly recommend this gym! They are getting ready to expand and we are so excited to be part of it!!! C C

My two young daughters love Nicole and her staff! They have grown so much from attending classes at ASU. I recommend them to everyone! Lisa B.


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Killit Crossfit

Kill It CrossFit offers a fun approach to fitness with constantly varied functional movements and exercises. CrossFit programming is designed to be adjusted to any level of fitness. Kill It CrossFit classes consists of gymnastics, powerlifting, olympic lifting, and cardio. Let us help you make a long term healthy life style change for the better!

TAAF Gymnastics Team!

ASU is now offers a TAAF gymnastics team.


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